La Pizza des Deux Rives

Here, the star is the pizza ! And not any pizza, one that seduces your taste buds from the first bite thanks to a dough prepared daily in our workshop.

Our dough rested carefully for 24hrs in a cold room to allow aromas and subtleties to develop.

Our fresh and quality ingredients provide the authentic flavors to our pizzas. Italian deli meats, Gorgonzola de Cavaglietto, a wonderful Puglia Burrata, not forgetting our local products such as a delicious white cheese from Alsace.

We take particular care of cooking at high temperature respecting traditions.

The know-how of our pizzaïolo will make the difference and will allow you to taste a thin and crispy dough.


Since every birth has a story, we will tell you ours…

La Pizza de Deux Rives is first and foremost the getting together of 2 men with little in common. But… life sometimes works in mysterious ways :

Frank, electrical engineer.
Eric, baker in his younger days.

Our 2 founders found they had one thing in common: Italy but more precisely a love of pizza !

It’s through numerous trips that grew a passion for this captivating country and particularly the city of Naples; cradle of this staple dish. That is how their friendship was born and La Pizza des Deux Rices was created…

Why choose " La Pizza des Deux Rives " as a name for your establishment you ask ?

Firstly, one would make the link with our geographic location; it’s true that it is well fitting.

But in reality, it is much more linked to our history : Two shores but one river bed where flows the same love of work well done, the same love for Italy, pizza… and especially a friendship that knows no boundaries.